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Old Picture

As I was preparing things for our baby (as told in the post prior to this one) and cleaning my room, I noticed a pile of papers, paper bags and plastics inside the drawer. I organized them and as I did it, I found an old picture of a young lady, here it is.

grade 6

this is me 12 years old – 18 years back

The story behind:

This was taken by my mother (inay) using the old camera ( the one that uses film or negative for printing) last March of year 1994. This was after our graduation in elementary, I was in 6th grade here, and holding trophies as if I won several awards from a competition. It’s true, the trophy I am holding in this picture was my award during the United Nations celebration in Cabatang Elementary School, I was Ms. Haiti then and won 3rd place, if my memory serves me right 🙂

I looked different now compare to this picture, of course, I was 12 years old here and now turning 21 este 31, nineteen years had elapsed, what to expect but a big difference. I am now a woman who know how to properly take care and prim myself and a lot more.

This old picture is full of memory, full of sacrifices and the beginning of achieving my dreams in life. This old picture helped me put where I am now, it serves as my inspirations. An old picture containing zillions of memories and dreams.

Till then,