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Our Mazda 6

I’ve been daydreaming that we own a car 😀 a gray-black mazda 3. I am truly amazed and admired the built of this car. But my husband told me the latest model of this which is the mazda 6, and I switched my dream to this one instead. It is powered by 3.7 Liter V6 engine that produces 272 hp and 269 poundft of torque (whatever that is), I am not exactly sure what it is, all I know is it is very impressive as compare perhaps with other models.

mazda 6

photo from topcarindo.com

It’s not bad to dream of having something expensive like this. I remember one of the top officers of the company I’ve worked with – write what you want, visualize it, with this, you can easily make and achieve what you want. If you are aiming for your dream house, a car, a wonderful career, a happy family – then write it down or draw it, visualize how you will have them. That’s what I do. Everytime I want and aim for something, I jot it down and read read read it on until come a day that ooopps, this has materialized already. I even have it on my wallet. I still have it and keep them.

Back to cars – do you have some models or revell to suggest aside from the one shown above? Let me know it 🙂

Till then,