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Wish I Could Win One

Thanks ACE!

Last Saturday, after my pre-natal check up in San Pablo City, I went to SM with my brother to buy something from ACE Hardware. It was I think already 1pm. I bought what I wanted, and because it’s amounting to approximately Php1,500, the cashier gave me 4 raffle coupons. The raffle coupon stipulates that for every 500 worth of purchases – a customer is entitled to one entry. So I had 4.

They say pregnant women are lucky when it comes to contest or raffle thing like this. It happens sometimes, that is why it started to believe in that pregnants are lucky. I tried my luck then, filled out the 4 raffle coupons I got and dropped it in the drop box. Hope I could win 1 0ut of 6 Nissan Frontier Standard 🙂 the one that looks like trailer hitches, it’s still car anyway. I just wish I could win one and let us test the fortune or luck of a pregnant woman like me.

Till then,