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Advance Look of 38 Week Fetal Development

Since it’s my last day of work today and I will be having my maternity leave starting Monday, I already started reading in advance of how our baby looks like at 38 weeks and beyond. I might be having a difficulty connecting in the internet when I am home that is why I have it in advance. Here is what our baby looks like at 38 weeks, a full term and is ready for arrival. Her immune system is fully developed and anytime she can be with us.

baby look at 38 weeks


Thank you for providing me insightful and very informative content about pregnancy. This site helps me a lot, I am informed of what to do and not, what to eat and not – aside of course from the healthful advice of my OBgyne. I suggest you pregnant women out there to please register at babycenter and receive weekly or daily healthful tips and articles from them. You can share it with your husband too… Like I did.

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