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Thanks for the 31 Years!

This is a late late post – it’s almost past a week and I am having this thanksgiving post 🙂 A thanksgiving post for giving me another year of blissful life – and thank you our Creator for the 31 years of existence. All these years, I have been very blessed and I couldn’t be happier for that! So many things had happened to me, good and bad, happy and sad but in totallity, all those have been my blessings, they taught me to become more mature. All the people around me are all blessings too, they’ve been good to me the entire 31 years. I have met a lot of people in taking my path, I befriend them, bonded and separated our ways eventually. This is the real life – you meet and leave people, but those people will be forever in your heart.

It was Saturday, March 3 when I had my 31st birthday. I was in my boarding house and did not go home in Tiaong, Quezon as I had a wriiten comprehensive exam the day after it. Who was with me to celebrate my birthday then? It was my husband 🙂 he countlessly greeted me. Also, his sister was having a training in OWWA Pasay and I asked her to meet me during her lunchbreak, we had lunch at Mc Donalds and separated afterwards. And then I reviewed for my wce. And on the afternoon, I went to church – Shrine of Jesus for a mass. I almost forgot, Mall of Asia is scheduled to have a Pyromusical on that day, I was a bit hesitant whether to go to church or not but I insisted on going, the pyromusical was at 7pm, I can go home before that.

Prior to that, while preparing myself going to church, I was thinking of having a foot spa to experience a bit pampering of me being pregnant since I can’t reach my feet anymore and I am not able to clean it very well – so why not have a foot spa anywhere in MOA with comfortable spa covers. But because of the pyromusical, I was not able to do it, until now, I haven’t done it yet 🙁

I am about to have my maternity leave now, this is my last day of work and will go home to wait for our baby’s arrival, perhaps what I can have instead is a pedicure 😀 . I am on my 37th week a full term already, anytime, our baby can come out. She’s ready!!! And we’re ready too….

Praying for a safe delivery…. and a healthy baby JHAYDII… Daddy and Mama love you so much!!

Till then,