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When I’m Home

I will be spending really really long time at home now. I am not used to it, I will surely get bored of doing nothing, I will miss my computer, I will miss my working table, I will miss my mug, I will miss my keyboard 😀 I will miss my colleagues. I will miss everything at work.

So when I’m home, what will I do? HHmmm, I remember I will blog, this is one of the lucrative ways to spend of my idle time at home, especially while waiting for our daughter to greet the world. Besides that, I should also start downloading movies so I can have lots to watch when I get bored. Good thing I already have a download vlc and I can watch movies using it. Unfortunately, the internet connection in our province is so so so slow and I know it’s impossible to download movies when I’m there, might as well download now while I am here in Pasay…

Okay…. when I’m home, I will make most of my time as lucrative as possible and as memorable as possible. This long vacation is rare to happen, so make the most of it!

Till then,