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WCE is Over

Tiring day yesterday, really felt exhausted and my mind was racked to the limit. Both subjects made me or us think what we really had when we were in school. We did our best to review for Marketing and Operations Management but seems our effort wasn’t good enough, there were questions that we did not know the answer.

Fortunately, I was able to answer the entire questions 🙂 to whatever I know. One of my classmates was right in saying, pursue taking it, nobody knows the questions. And so that was it, written comprehensive exam was over! Finally, hopefully all of us will pass. Please help us God.

After taking the exam, I went to Mall of Asia for something, as tired as was, my belly felt so heavy then, I walked so slowly because of it, as if our baby was about to come out yesterday, my back was aching a bit too. I talked to her, I told her, not now 🙂 After MOA, I went home. There was this irritating moment that happened to me, when I was crossing the street, I saw a mazda too far from me, so I decided to cross, grrr, he drives fast and did not slow down, he even horned at me as if saying walk fastly!!! Grrrr again, too braggart of him to do that! If I had my walk too slowly, I think I would die that moment, and today I realize, I need a Funeral preplanning in preparation for this.

Again, God please help us all pass the wce.

Till then,