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Now I can’t think of anything to blog. 🙁 I ran out of thoughts to write 🙂 Give me some pleaseeee.

I am just writing and writing, trying to have tasks so I can get paid. I am not attending blog events, got no invitation ehe, though I got no invitation, I can’t make it sometimes if I receive some, it’s because I have work and it doesn’t permit me to attend blogger’s events. Attending blog events help increase your blog’s rank, readership etc. See my rank remains 0/10, I already gained 2/10 before, but because my post became lesser and there’s huge date gap, it became zero again, 🙁 too bad, it’s hard to increase my blog page rank. Fortunately, I still receive tasks to do and gets paid. Thank you,,, – my regular sponsor:) Gimme more tasks!

It is why I love blogging 🙂 not only I get to express my opinion or just anything, I also get paid with it, some extra penny especially now that I will be a mommy!

Till then,