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It Makes Me Crazy

It’s nice to have your own personal computer or laptop or netbook at home, you can do whatever you want and surf whenever you want. You can browse and even download vlc player to use in watching movies.

I got to talk to my husband every morning before he goes for work using this globe sim inserted in my broadband. But of course, since I am here in the province where many trees are blocking the signal, I sometimes get crazy when I can’t connect to the skype, the signal is 0 0 as in zero zero πŸ™ it makes me crazy. Skype gets on and off, just pisses me πŸ™ it’s free anyway, no reason to be pissed right πŸ™‚ so smile!

I get connected to the internet for a cheap cost! Hoping I can get stronger signal so I can blog more often and talk to my husband everyday!

Till then,