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Something I Learned from Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is not only costly, it’s also combined and comes with strict monitoring and watching what you eat, what you do and be wary of what surrounds you. You will be more than aware of people around you, shun people who are smoking and even avoid getting close in the cigar store, smoking is really really really bad for pregnant women as it has bad effect to the baby in the woman’s womb. Not only smoking is bad, of course there are many, avoid caffeine such as coffee, softdrinks, ice tea and anything that you know is bad for your baby’s health. Avoid chips too. I know I missed a lot here, will add something once I remember ๐Ÿ™‚

Eat healthier, three times a day, more fruits and vegetables. You are eating for two, not for one, so watch out, but make sure you’re not taking on too much, you don’t want to regret the over extra extra pound that piles on you. I miss many again ๐Ÿ™‚ you know what to do for your baby’s health anyway.

Even though it’s costly and trying to minimize something, it’s even happier being pregnant. From the time you discover that you are positive, to the first pre-natal check up, to your first ultrasound, seeing your baby’s heart beat for the first time, to taking vitamins, folic, ferrous sulfate, doing some tests to seeing your baby’s full profile through ultrasound seeing your baby’s kick – those are some of the things that make an expectant mother happier and forget all those expenses accompanying pregnancy. That’s something I learned being pregnant!And there’s a lot more! This post is not enough to tell them all you know.

I never realized that it’s this happy being pregnant and a mother when I was single. I now know the real feeling, how mother really feels for her children. I am soon to be one.

Till then,