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A Day Before Her Arrival

Finally, the long wait is over, on exactly 39th week of my term, I gave birth to the most beautiful girl in the world – the world greeted and welcomed her on 21st of March 2012.

Let me share you how I experienced a day before I gave birth. A day before I gave birth, I had my pre-natal check up with Dra. Susan Valdez, she internally examined me  and checked my cm, it was still 1cm. To stimulate the thinning of my cervix and the expansion of my cm,doc gave me a prescription to be taken orally, three tablets for three days. I bought them after my check up. Prior to this, since we arrived in the clinic almost 12nn, we decided to have our lunch in SM San Pablo. So we spent our time waiting for our turn prowling around the mall. We were there 12nn and left at 3pm, long hours of walk, nice to have some folding picnic tables to rest, I felt back pain. Then we proceed to the clinic. I was with my mother. I think this long hours of walk stimulated my delivery, was not able to take any of the tablet.

Will tell you more about my delivery in my next post.

Till then,