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Baby Jhaydii is Out

At last, I felt the contraction with pain! As early as 10pm of 20th of March, I was feeling the frequent contraction without pain. That time, I told my husband (through bbm) I think I am about to give birth. I couldn’t get to sleep that night because of the frequent contraction. On 12mn, the contraction with pain started, made me awake the whole night. The pain was tolerable at first then it became intense as it gets dawn. At 2am of March 21st, I got from my bed and ate biscuit, felt starve. My mother and father were awake too. Got back to bed afterwards, but still, couldn’t sleep because of the worsening pain. I silently utter while touching my belly “Baby, let’s wait for the morning ha, before you come out.” When I couldn’t endure the pain, I told my mother that it’s really intense, and I showed her my undies with blood. It was almost 5am. So she readied my packed bag, I took a quick bath and prepared myself to the hospital. It was still dim during that time, we got the hired vehicle to come at home and fetch us. In less than 30 minutes, we arrived at Community General Hospital. There was rainshower along.

We went to the emergency room and handed the personnel the admission slip given by Dra. Susan Valdez. It was hard to move from here and there when there’s contraction. After filling out the information needed, they had me lay in the bed for an internal examination and BP measurement. I was already 3-4 cm. At 6:30am, they brought me to the labor room, examined me – 3-4cm still. At the labor room, the procedure was, the poop has to be disposed fully before the delivery, there was a liquid solution inserted in my anus, after few minutes, I felt the urge to poop. I think I had it five times until I was brought to the delivery bed. Before I was brought, they gave me a half tablet medicine, according to the nurse, it’s the medicine for painless delivery, and a shot to my thigh. I was already 6cm , I also fell asleep because of the med I took, I did not know what happened next, I was already restless, as if walang malay. All I know is there were people around me shouting words but I hardly know them. There was a nurse above me assisting and pushing my belly for baby to come out, they were saying, malapit na, lalabas na, iri.. But how can I make an iri if I was feeling nothing. I felt my baby coming out, without pain, then after that, dunno what happened again next, did they put my baby on me? That I really do not know. I even did not hear her cry ? but I was and am very thankful for my safe delivery and a healthy baby, although she has minor illness like bilirubin and a high WBC.

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 8:53 am, an angel came out, we named her JHAYDII, which means gift from God, and at the same time, combination of our names Jay and Dhina, we just made it spelled uniquely.

new born baby jhaydii

Till then,