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I Broke SM’s Signage and Paid for it

On my daughter’s first gala and visit to her pediatrician last April 3, 2012, I made an unforgettable experience. But before that, I am happy to share that on her 13 day old, she weighed 2.8kilograms, an oz heavier from the day she was released from the NICU.

Here’s what happened. After her pedia visit, we went to SM San Pablo City and buy something. Before shopping, I first went to SM Business Center to pay my husband’s SSS contribution. After paying, I hastily put the receipt on my bag and left, unfortunately, I nudged one of their signages and broke it. It fell on the floor and broke into two pieces. The security guard picked it and told the cashier that it was broken. I apologetically said sorry and left the business center.

I was with my mother then, we went right away to Baby Company to buy baby jhaydii’s things. She cried loudly while we were choosing things, so I decided to feed her first, the saleslady gave us a chair to sit on while feeding her. Few seconds after, the security guard of the business center came and approached me, he told me that I was requested to come to the business center again because of the broken signage. He did not allow me to feed my baby first :(he perhaps needs high t reviews. I surmised then that I need to pay for the broken signage, my first time to experience this.

At the business center, I was told that their supervisor liked to talk to me about what happened. While waiting, I had a chance to breastfeed jhaydii. After 30 minutes or more, the supervisor arrived and explained to me their policy. I was right, I have to pay for it otherwise, the cashier and the security guard will.

After an hour of waiting for the price, I was able to fully feed my daughter. I was advised that the broken sign was Php170. Sighed, fortunately it was cheap. I handed them my payment and left so we can continue shopping. And here is the photo of the accident I’ve caused, my token from SM.


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