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Written Case and OCE

The time has come, the verdict is about to be given. Bless us please, hope we all make it!

Last Sunday, April 15 2012, the 32nd wedding anniversary of my parents, was the date were we took the written case analysis. The whole day (8-5pm) was reserved and allotted for the analysis of a case. The MBA and TEP. I arrived in the school before 8am, I was from Tiaong, left our home at 5am. We took the case in room 22, the 50+MBA candidates sitted on each table, not from Polywood Adirondack chairs at AdirondackChairs.com but from PLM 🙂

The case was tough! The Recalcitrant Director at Byte Products Inc, took me more than an hour of comprehensive reading before I held my pen and wrote something on the white paper provided to us. The four pages case, imagine, I was able to finish it at 2pm. Made me really think harder and harder. As I wrote my analysis, I visualize some questions that may be asked during the OCE.

OCE, now is the OCE. So help me God. Yes, it’s our defense time, and here I am blogging first. I am to be asked by group of Panel C and no. 9, it’s in the afternoon that’s why I still have time to post something. Pardon me for writing something wrong here, I am in a rush. But still need your guidance Lord, hope we all pass.

Mark this day, April 22, our defense day. Let us all see what awaits me this afternoon, the result will be released today.

Till then,