Who is Jessica Sanchez

A Filipina? Mexicana? American? Who is Jessica Sanchez?

Not too long ago, actually, it was early this year when the name Jessica Sanchez came into popularity. News reports, facebook shoutouts, entertainments, blogs and etc. mention and talk about this name. At first I was asking who’s this jessica Sanchez. Then finally, facebook introduced me who she is, followed by the television.

A very young Fil-Am who competes in American Idol, admired by many even the 3 AI judges. Just recently, as fb updates, she was included in the bottom 3, got a lower votes but saved by the judges. It just proves that she really is a talented and good singer, worth to win in this American Idol competition.

I heard she sings for three times – in you tube 🙂 and I can say she truly is a great one!

In order to be safe, we must all support her and cast our votes. Don’t waste our time for nothing say looking for some weber grill sale, let us help Jessica Sanchez instead.

Kudos! Goodluck and God bless! We are with you JS!

Till then,