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New Kid on the Block

Been busy taking care of our baby jhaydii since she arrived, I have been of course beside her – a momma who takes time to breast feeds and watches her daughter grows.

Days have gone so fast, so as kids grow so fast. They say make the most out of your time taking care and watching over your new born as they really grow so fast. Indeed they are! Our daughter who was born on March 21 just turned one last April of course, our new kid on the block 🙂 It was fun celebrating her one month. We prepared a bit for her one month old. This day was her buhos-tubig too, it is like a traditional christening in the province done for those who are not baptised yet so they can travel. There were no corporate gifts received just cash 🙂 thanks to Ninang Neneth ,Ninong Aris and Tita Ria.

By the way, here is our baby Jhaydii on her on month. Cutie cutie mana kay mommy 😀

one month old baby

Till then…