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Some Turning Back

CD, DVD, MP3, iPod, cellphone and many more, these are the most common music player nowadays. Gone are the days where cassette tapes played in a cassette using a stereo stand and karaoke, these old ways of playing music have gone.

We used to have cassette at home, a music lover like me played a lot of songs before, I even recorded my voice singing, this was when I was in high school. But now, it has completely changed, cassette player at home is gone, replaced by a DVD player and cellphone. I can say that my love for music is abating, I never played songs lately, only nursery rhymes for my baby. I even do not know what are the latest and new songs. Hmmm, when I get back to work, I surmise my love for music will be back.

Some turning back – many years ago when we all loved cassette player 🙂

Till then,