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Blogging from Home

Here I am again, blogging from home, this rainy night made me decide to write something and finish the task given to me. It is really blogging from home πŸ™‚

I thought it will be easy for me to blog while at home taking care of our newborn baby, but I was wrong. I hardly find time to open the pc and blog, our daughter cries when not cradled, they say sinanay ko sya which I think is true. For a first time mom like me, I believe it is normal.

Few days left and I will be going back to work, files and worksheet, journal entries and reports will be back, printing documents and back ups needed. We do not need some receipt printerΒ in corporate world. I miss working though. Our daughter will be missed too πŸ™‚ will be left at home to be taken care off by my mother Haist…..

Blogging from home is easy for those who are doing nothing but to blog πŸ™‚