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Sarah G Live Tonight!

I have a post here about Sarah G Live,s (I can,t see the apostrophie in the keyboard, and I spelled apostrophe wrong – thank you word for giving me the correct one!) the pilot show was not that appealing though her opening number was very admiring.

Tonight was different, I was in awe watching her dance and sing. Plus the inspiring story of one of her fans named Theresa, a blind student from….from…from…..my bad, I forgot, the uniform name tags were forgotten too. Anyway, going back to the show, I enjoyed it more than before. There are lots of improvements, thanks to all the people, staff and crew behind. Sarah G Live deserves to be the trending show, as Sarah mentioned to her 2 men co-hosts, Luis Manzano and Slater – the PBB latest edition big winner.

I also liked their guest – NEO Band, who sang Maybe it,s wrong to say please love me too coz I know you,ll never do, somebody else is waiting there for you…. and Hold on baby hold on… and another one which I forgot 🙁

Okay – my first post is replaced by this one… Sarah, keep regaling us and keep your humility on the ground…