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My First Happy Mother`s Day

Thirty years ago, I ignored the words (I must say, did not feel the real message because I was not a mother then ) HAPPY MOTHER`s DAY, I only say these words to my mother and relatives. But now everything has changed, I now feel how the happiness to be greeted and recognized as a mother. This May 13, 2012 as in today Sunday is my first celebration of Mother`s Day, I am now officially a mother 🙂 Thank you Jhaydii for making me one.

The role of a mother and the job of a mother is the toughest of all jobs. The toughest yet the most fulfilling. You cannot say this until you become one. I am a living proof that being a mother is a hard one. From the time a woman conceives, nurturs the little one on her tummy for nine months, giving all what is important and good for her up to the time a woman gives birth, either normally or through a caesarian section. The job does not end there, it is just the start of a lifetime tasks of a mother.

As I have said, I am a living proof that the role of a mother is a tough one. I am fortunate that I did not experience any difficulty like morning sickness or something in my entire pregnancy. I even had a small tummy compare to other pregnant women. The intense part I had was during my labor stage, I endured the pain from 12mn of March 21st until 5am, then I was brought to the hospital. This post could not tell how painful the contraction was, and how I managed to endure it like all mother. Thanks to this new generation, the delivery perse was painless. I took half tablet of a very tiny medicine (forgot the name) and had an injection on my thigh – perhaps these made my delivery painless. Albeit it was, I can say it was also hard to deliver in a painless way because you do not know when to push or when you are already pushing the baby out. I was like sedated during that time, giving birth normally on our first baby.

normal delivery
me after I gave birth on march 21, 2012

Forget all those, the baby is now here. I am enjoying my vacation (maternity), making the most of my time taking care of our baby. Breastfeeding her all day and night! The first month was tough, I was sleepless feeding her during night, of course I needed to stay awake while she latched on. Sometimes I hardly stopped her crying, no matter how full she is, and finally, I found the position that could stop her cry, and that is the picture below, the best sleeping position she finds on her early weeks 🙂 I sometimes fell asleep while she`s on my top.

mother and child - mama dhina and baby jhaydii
me and my baby jhaydii on her 1st week

She`s turning two month old on May 21, and the development seems so fast so as the time. I will be going back to work on May 28 and miss her then, see her on weekdays 🙁 That is the saddest part of being a working-mom. Don`t worry baby, all I do is for you and for your future.

And on my first Mother`s Day 😀 received a lot of message from my friends, cousins, in laws and inay – and from my loving husband a message and 3 white roses. Now I can feel the message now I can celebrate the day for all the mothers. I am proud I am one of them!

So for all the mothers, Happy Happy Mother`s Day!!!