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It’s Working Time Again

Exactly after 70 days of my maternity leave, I am now back to working. It’s too hard to leave our little girl, promise, I cried when I left her. I was always beside her for almost two months, breastfed her for one and half months and slept together – my arms as her pillow sleeping sideways. My first night of being apart from her was tough, I called my mother from time to time to ask how is she. Fortunately, our little baby girl jhaydii is behave now compare when she was less than a month old, she had a sound night sleep. I missed and survived my first night without a baby to hug 🙁

I am now back to work – all this that I do is for our little girl. The usual environment, as I entered in our office’s building, there was this security holding best metal detectors to check our bags, nothing has changed, you have to stop for a minute and open your belongings to show there’s nothing harmful in it. And the time I sat on my working table, I felt awkward, I thought something has changed hehe. I looked at my monitor differently, as if I am not used to it. And as hours went by, I felt the same urge to work as I had before my ML.

Leaving our daughter at home will seem permanent now. I know I can get used to it, I am complacent that she’s in good hands – under my mother’s care. I just can’t stop missing and thinking of her every time. I can’t wait for Friday to see, kiss and hug her. This is really the motherhood feeling 🙂 I am now a certified mom 🙂 a certified working mom.

Till then,