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I Want Another Blog

To eke extra income and to kill my boredom after office, I am planning to have another blog. A blog that will specifically discuss only one topic, I have one in mind. I think it will help me a lot to earn through blogging.

Two years ago, my time after work was occupied by my school assignments,cases and all – that is why I did not feel boredom. And just months after I finished my schooling I got married, again,my time was really occupied. And a month after, I got pregnant – again, occupied time, I needed to cook for me and the baby inside me and find little time to blog and to surf. It took long, after delivery I took care of our baby. Now that I am back for work, I feel the boredom, no cases to solve, no food to cook and no baby to take care because I left her at home in Tiaong Quezon. This means that I have so much idle time – waiting for my husband to arrive in their accommodation is the only one that keeps me occupied 😀 . That is why I want another blog.

In less than a month, I hope to have it, just wishing there will be some free coupons that I can avail in buying a domain – keeping my fingers crossed.

Watch out for my new blog!

Till then,