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Are We Still Insured with Insurance?

I remember years ago, one of the countries educational plans abruptly closed its operation, leaving its plan-holders weeping and sobbing, where did their money go, they invested a lot of if their finances for the better future of their kids,and yet what happened? Their money they paid for premium was lost 🙁 This is not the sole case here in our country, it happens also in some life insurance plan.And now I ask, are we still insured with Insurance?

This is the reason why I am dubious of getting an educational plan for my baby,  what if what happened before happens again in future, worse, to the plan that I will be getting, an educational plan or equotes life insurance, wasted money. This really needs to be carefully analyzed, collate information and study each plan offers by many provider, check also the stability and integrity of the providers offering such plans. You don’t want to go your money anywhere, you don’t want to re-save because of the money that might be lost.

Now, before getting any plans and insurance, think think think a million times. Don’t be impressed by sales talk, study the plan before deciding, ayt?

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    I remember that educational plan company that closed years back. My brother was insured on that one too. Good thing he’s on his last year in college when that happened…But I just want to give a little info about insurances. Pre-need plans (educational, memorial and even pension) are the ones that are not so safe. However life insurances are very secured. It is in the Philippine law that before life insurance companies pack up and go due to failure in operations, another life insurance would take over and and take care of the life insurance policyholders from the losing insurance company without changing the benefits of the original insurance coverage.

    Regarding your question if we are still insured with life insurances, the answer is yes. A very big YES. It is better to be insured now while premiums are still more affordable. Premiums are higher the older the insured get. Regarding your child’s educational plan that you worry about, you can get life insurance plans instead. Life insurance does not only give benefits to the beneficiary when the insured dies. You can also withdraw money from your life insurance for you child’s educational fund. You should get one now. There are lots of very strong and stable insurance companies in the country. Manulife, Insular Life, PhilamLife and SunLife to name a few. But for me, I chose SunLife. I got my four kids finish College with SunLife Insurance. 🙂 Just one life insurance from SunLife will certainly secure you and your baby’s future.

    • Hi, thanks for sharing!
      This will be a very helpful information for me and others.