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“I DO” ~ It’s Been A Year

Just a week ago, I reminisced the time me and my husband Jay exchanged vows and “I Do” before God, witnessed by those people close to us – parents, siblings, tito, tita, cousins, nephews and nieces and friends. Jay is light years away and we can’t celebrate it together. What I did was, I watched our wedding videos and pictures saved in my memory cards, that way, I was so delighted and happy reminiscing the time we got married – on June 11, 2011 –  a year after.

WEDDING PICTURE in Lusacan Tiaong Quezon BVMQW

I can say being apart is not a hindrance for a relationship to last forever. We are a living proof to that, no matter how far you are to each other, you can still express the love for one another. Of course – even though you are separated by distance, it’s not an excuse to do things that are not permitted by each of you, you should stay honest and trustworthy even he can’t see you doing the things he wants you to do.

One year isn’t enough for us, I know we still have to go through many sacrifices and trials, I know there will come a time that our marriage will be tested, but I am pretty sure that we are ready for it.

We as a couple is just a simple one, in fact, we just greeted each other in a social network where we first knew each other – no grandiloquent celebration, no foods to share, no candles to blow, simple exchange of greetings made us happy.


Simple yet meaningful – we’re both happy that we found each other, that God us each other.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Daddy Bhe! I will forever love you! More years to celebrate my dear husband!

Till then,