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I Walked Down the Aisle With VNC

A year ago, months before our big day, I was busy looking for an elegant yet affordable footwear. I roamed at the nearest mall – in Mall of Asia. During my free time I visited different shoe stall and checked what they’ve got. Unfortunately nothing impressed me, some was expensive yet stylish and some was cheap yet did not look elegant. And finally, I reached VNC store, my favorite. Luckily, they were on sale so I was so confused what to pick. After few minutes of comparing prices and styles, I chose and got this one. The one I used on my wedding day. It is I think 3 inches high so I can be a bit taller to match my husband’s height. Not only that it is elegant, it’s also affordable, I got it for only Php900+.

VNC Shoes

VNC Shoes during our wedding

I felt comfortable wearing that pair of shoe the entire program, I had no regrets of buying it, I so love it!

Besides being elegant, I love to buy VNC footwear because they are of good quality, they last longer. I think I have 6 pairs of them, flats and high-heeled and I am still using all of them. It’s made in Malaysia not in China 🙂

I will never get tired of buying from you VNC, I love the fact that I can wear your shoes for long 🙂 I will keep on coming back to your store! Thanks for providing us stylish, elegant, comfortable and affordable footwear!

Till then,