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Non-Functioning Fan

I wonder what’s wrong with us with regards to using electric fan, one stand fan and desk fan lost their functions and we don’t know why. We are not a no-care boss of those appliances, we take good care of what we have at home.  Now, in order for them to be useful again, I am thinking to look for some appliance factory parts and repair those fans. Do you have something in mind that you an suggest?

I know that in order for an appliance to last longer, we need to take good care of them, regardless of the price. We do care, but still wonder how come some does not function well, or not at all. Wasted! Is it a matter of brand? That we need to buy a good brand with guaranteed high quality and expensive price? One point to consider, why spend on cheap appliance where it gets broken after a year or two, why not buy an expensive one with good and high quality but will last longer. Compare the amount you spend when accumulated-  from a cheap one that gets broken and buying a new one, compare to an expensive one but you can use for lifetime. Of course, I will choose the latter.

Ahehehe, now I made this long 🙂

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