Education MBA

One of the Dreams – Checked!

When I was in my late years of college, I dreamed of becoming a MASTER, a master of myself 🙂 Kidding aside, I wanted to be a Master of Business Administration. One of our instructors – Mr. Alanguilan had an MBA, how did I know? During one of our class sessions while he was checking the Marketing Plan I made, I asked him what graduate and undergraduate course he took. He inspired me of taking this undergraduate course. During that time, I wanted to teach college students like he does.


My dream of taking it started when I was 19 or 20, it took years, 10 years to be exact before I achieved it, nevertheless, I am still very happy that despite taking it that long, I now have my MBA. One of my dreams is marked with a check /! My persistence, diligence and ambition helped me to achieve it. After one and half years of attending a Saturday class, from 8am till 6pm, those toils of getting up early is worth it. Studying cases and subjects – from Finance where it also a refresher for me, covering topics from assets, liabilities, net worth and some other topics like immediate annuity interest rates, Marketing, POM, Economics, Management Consultancy, Business Policy, Developing New Enterprise< Decision Science, HBO and few more. That’s 9 units per trimester, total of 45 units. Whoa, thank you very much Lord I did it! Now I am waiting for our graduation march on 2013 🙂 yehey, I will be wearing a graduation cap and gown again, excited much!

By the way, my purpose of taking an MBA has changed, besides teaching, I aim for a career advancement. Hopefully it happens. Another dream waiting to be checked!

Till then,