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Vikings and iPad 2

I turned 3 years in ACS A Xerox Company last May 25, 2012. Congratulations to me for staying that long, it is a record-breaking in my employment history, the longest I have and still counting.

I am not the only celebrant, of course, being one of the country’s leading BPOs, ACS has more than thousands of employees and there are many ACSers who marked their 3rd year this year. To celebrate this, CSG team celebrants where I belong, headed by Ms. Issa had a sumptuous, luscious, luxurious, great-tasting lunch in Vikings beside Mall of Asia. So many food to choose from, you will be confused what to get and eat, you want to taste them all but your tummy can’t take them all, too bad of my mini tummy 🙁 nevertheless, I still felt full! Thanks CSG!

Me in Vikings

I am not sure how many years I will stay in ACS, if I am lucky enough to reach my fifth year, welcome Fossil watch! A token for reaching five years! Or perhaps, when that time comes, ACS will give the five year celebrants an iPad 2.

I know how generous you are ACS 🙂 an iPad 2 on our fifth year? Why not right?