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Me and Baby JD Love Avent

Buying stuff for our baby was fun 🙂 Last January of this year, I was accompanied by my mother in buying baby things… For a first time mom like me, I did not know what to pick, just got some advice from the saleslady and manager of Baby Company Alfred Josef 🙂 my high school friend. So I bought and had the things shown below, you estimate how much that costs 🙂

JD Baby Things
JD Baby Things

Alfred handed me a box of Avent – an starter set for a new born baby, I checked the price and I was shocked that it is expensive, 4 bottles, a pacifier and a bottle brush cost Php3,077.xx, I hit him with the box, I told him “Ang mahal naman yoko nyan.” But I did not forget Avent since then, I always went to Baby Company area in SM MOA and checked Avent, it’s really expensive, my mind told me not to buy it. Until finally, one day when I went there again, it was on sale, 10% discount, I did not think twice, I asked the lady to give me a box of new born’s starter set, it costed me Php2,7xx.xx not bad, sorry Alfred, I did not buy from you.

Avent Starter Set for New Born
Avent Starter Set for New Born

Mind you, yes it is expensive, but it’s worth it because it’s anti-cholic, anti-kabag and it’s like a natural feeding. It’s design to feed like mothers do.

I have no worries about JD having kabag because I am sure she will not because of AVENT. And now, we both love Avent!

JD uses Avent

Great Job

Good oopps, great job Avent! I admire you Philips for manufacturing such product like this! No doubt, you will be one of the leading providers in the market.

Till then