Business jobs

Real Estate Business?

One of my friends already spends her idle time after work in real estate business. She is now an agent and I heard she already sold many units. Wow, imagine how many pesos she has!

I am thinking if this business – real estate, will really make you a bit millionaire 🙂 If you will be good enough in sales talk, I am pretty sure you will become one of the successful agents. You might want to try and leave your profession someday hmmm, how about that!

Selling units in a subdivision? why now? How about acquiring one? Well, can be 🙂 Does the developer use some festool tools in visualizing the subdivision they will build?A matter of some case, marketing and feasibility studies. I hope I can be better at selling so it can be my part-time and earn some anda.

How about you, are you up to real business?

Till then,