X Factor Philippines in ABS

Although it was a bit late, I stayed up on Saturday and Sunday night to watch the X Factor. I did not regret staying awake because I enjoyed watching the show. It’s somehow similar with PGT or Pinoy Got Talent, the only difference is, PGT caters and invites different talents of Filipinos while X Factor is for singing only – might or might not use Virtual Instruments.

I watched closely its pilot episode, there are indeed many talented Filipinos, made me proud for the race I have. I might have forgotten the names of auditionees who got the YES’ of the four judges but I will not forget that those who got the three letter word were really talented, they showcased their talents very well and even made the judges to stand up.

One of the 50’s contestants sang “My Way”, this made Charice cry, according to her, she remembered her father – it was his favorite song. Because of the emotional Charice, the judges had their break and relaxed for a bit until Charice became okay.

I enjoyed watching the show, so I will keep on watching it every weekend and wait who will bring home the bacon.

Till then,