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We Are the Avengers!

It’s June again! (Aha, seems like I am a little late for this update, June is about to end!) What’s with June aside from our wedding anniversary,my husband’s and mother’s birthday, it’s time to re-create our team’s bulletin board.

ACS Accounting again has again set a date for the bulletin board of each team to be renovated, redesigned and remake. Each has to come up with their own creative ideas. Showing in it the corporate core values, mission,vision and anything that you may think is needed to be there.

We the CSG General Accounting had the concept of Stark building (familiar?) and themed 2012 Expansion Begins Here. And just this month of June, CSG GA expanded again, one team has been added, the International Team – handling some intercompany and international accounts, I just can’t remember if they also handle some business insurance as well.

Going back to bulletin board – WE ARE THE AVENGERS! Look!

2012 CSG General Accounting Bulletin Board

This year is not a contest unlike last year where we bagged the first place. Our theme was teamwork – using the Utah Jazz court. See below 🙂

2011 CSG Acctg Support team Board
2011 CSG Acctg Support team Board

Till next year’s bulletin board update!