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Rememberin This Post: Busy Jan & Feb 2010

Because I got pissed with what happening on my facebook account – it says, SORRY..but is blocked on this network. This site was categorized in: Social Networking. Contact your Network Administrator. Hello! I am the owner of this netbook, how come I blocked it 🙁 Can someone help me. Even the photobucket isn’t accessible.

Okay – because I got pissed, I browsed my own blog, checked the live traffic data and saw that one reader from Pasay stumbled on my post tagged: How is it working in ACS – and me got curious, I clicked on my own link and found this post entitled, Busy Jan and Feb 2010. The post contains my experience working in ACS, it was dated January 26, 2010 and at the end of the post, I wrote “I am foreseeing that the longest two years and seven months stay in Nikkoshi Philippines will be broken, I will stay for sure in ACS for long. Let’s see…. Mark this post 😀 “

Now, for an update, I just turned 3 years last May 25, 2012, so this means that I am staying in ACS longer than Nikkoshi 🙂 And still counting…. Hopefully for 2 more years…or more and more years….

Till then,