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Happy Father’s Day!

Ohmzzzz, a late post! Why I am so……nahhh!

I am just being fair – I posted about me having been able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day, now I give the stage to my husband who had just celebrated his first Father’s Day last June 17 and likewise to my father.

What is it so special about being a father? Based on my experience, aside from the life given to a child, a father is so special because of the way he disciplines and raises his children. He is also the one if not the most, who earns for the family. The one who sacrifices a lot, endures the pain in order for his family to have something on the table to share and for his children to have something on their pocket going to school. He may not be the one who bears a child for nine months, but he is as if he is because he’s always beside his wife and looking after her, checking what’s going on with the baby and his partner. These might be incomplete, there are other things out there that makes a father so special.

I’ll take this opportunity first to thank my father for raising the four of us, he may not be an undergraduate (just finished his elementary) but it wasn’t a hindrance for him for raising us well. He did not have any white collared-job, he did become a carpenter, a helper, a factory worker – all the jobs of an undergraduate individual, but for us, these jobs are so unique, not all men can do these things – lifting sacks of rice the whole day and going home at night riding in a bike? My father did that! With a lomi pa! He’s not really a disciplinarian father, but we all dreaded him, because he rarely gets mad, but if he is…..he is still kind hehe… I can say I am the one among my siblings who felt how sacrificed he is, when I was studying college, he always brought me on my way to ride a bus riding in his bike at 4am and fetching me again at 7pm, that was daily – because I had no enough money for a tricycle ride (Php50). And these days, he still helps my mother in their daily living, marketing the things needed in their mamian, morning and afternoon – riding in his bike. I salute you father for being so understanding, kind, reticent, loving and caring Tatay. WE LOVE YOU!

Handing the trophy to my husband now, Jay David, Happy Father’s Day daddy! Yes, he wasn’t there with me when I gave birth to our daughter, but he was as if he was there, always checking on me, what’s up with me and our baby. I keep on reiterating that I am very very thankful to our Father for giving me him, a man that I will truly love forever of my life, a man that will be my company when I get old, a man that really takes care of his family no matter how far he is. Admit it, everyone of us experiences economic crisis, recession, the company of my husband is not an exception to that – he is of course affected by it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t prevent him to give us what we need. He is always there like a hero, catching us when we are about to fall. I know it is very hard for him to stay away from us, but he chooses it because he wants us to have a better living although I have work so we can still survive. Being far from us is like seeking a Paternity-Answers.com for paternity testing. I know most of the father do the way my husband does, but for me, he is still special, the way he cares and loves us, the way he worries and checks on us, the way he wants us to be close to his family and the way he made ways to become close to my family – those things made it for him to be so loved and special – both for me and his family.

Daddy, you may be far apart, you may not be physically present but you never let us feel that! You indeed are always there for us and Jhaydii! I know from the start of our marriage, that you will be the most loving, caring and admiring father, we are just starting, but you made countless ways to vouched that you are THE ONE for us! God gave me you and Jhaydii because He knows that you deserve us hehehe… We Love You! This may be late for Father’s Day, but think of this as my greetings and message not only for that day but every day.

Till then,