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How to Survive College Life

I’d been through difficult times when I was in college. Finances were really apart from me and not in my vocabulary. I am not blessed with a wealthy life, should you have one, a good education from famous schools can be chosen and you may be feeling so choosy where to go to because you have lots of pennies in front of you. Lucky you are then!

Contrary to that, well, I can say I am still fortunate for having a life that is financial struggling; it was through it that I became very eager to finish my college education, so very aggressive to find ways to uplift my family’s condition. It is who I am – I am a dreamer who kept and keeps on believing that there is nothing impossible if you thrive harder and aim higher.

After I graduated in high school, I had a problem of whether or not to pursue my college education, I was aware that my parents were unable to finance me well, my father had a temporary job and wasn’t sure if he will bring home excessive money for my education , my mother was a housekeeper. But I was really eager to go to college. Some advises me to stop for a year, find a job and save for my own education – she had point though, but that did not prevent me dreaming to have my college. Fortunately, there was this school who offers scholarship to less fortunate individual like me, CANOSSA COLLEGE – the only school I’d taken entrance examination. God was really good for then, I was able to pass the entrance examination and the interview of the College Dean Ms. Susan Escolano. Two HR staffs visited our home to check if I really need the scholarship – Ms. Aileen Juaneza, and they saw that I really need one. So after all those processes, examination, interviews and home visit, I got an A in their scholarship program under St. Bakhita.

I am thankful for the scholarship grant I had, but that wasn’t enough, I still need my allowance for food and fare, how will I survive now? And this is it! On my first few days – I only ate Creams biscuits during lunch that was my food until the very last subject (it was perhaps the reason why I was so thin hehe) but I still need sort of allowance. What did I do then?


I was selling palitaw, butse and yema in our school, my classmates were my customers. And haist….I had my allowance already, thanks my classmates for providing me my daily allowance because of you, I survived! Aside from that, I offered my tutorial services to four elementary students of Canossa – after my classes, I went to their home every day. I had excessive allowance by then and I was able to hand some to my parents, so very thankful Lord for providing me! That way – selling kakanin and tutoring, I survived my college life!

I am not alone for this experience, I know there are thousands students everywhere who are looking for many ways to survive their education – especially those who are less fortunate. There are many ways folks, you can do what I did, or if you do not know how to make such kakanin, you can make some accessories like earrings, beaded bracelets, necklaces and ID holder – not only you are having fun with your craft but you are also earning from it for your education. Use your idle time doing some lucrative things and stuffs. You may want to blog too – you can earn from it, little by little, the wee earning you see will grow bigger as time goes by. Some schools do offer assistance to less fortunate students like being a student librarian, cleaning rooms during the students’ spare time, being a varsity player and so on. You may inquire your schools and check what they have.

If you are really eager to finish your education, there are many options and ways to do so, in good ways though, do not try filthy things just to finish it – that will not bring any good to you.

Strive hard and you’ll reap what you sow someday.

Take note of this:

“Dream your dreams,

Then do your best.

Never stop and never rest,

Until those dreams are yours.”

Till then,