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What’s up with the World Now?

Too many crimes nowadays, drugs, ruthless killings, rapes, robbery, accidents, wars, name it and we all have it. Seems the world is really getting into its worst state that we cannot even stop from happening. What’s up with the world now? How can we prevent these things from worsening?

We can start it from ourselves, by being a responsible citizen of our country, having good deeds and fearing and praising the Lord, I am sure that these hecks of the world will be lessened. Oh, the poor, the destitute, sometimes the root of all the crime, but not all fortunate individuals does crimes. Like me, I am poor but never came into my mind to commit crime and be rotten in jail, never never in my dreams.

Not only crimes but also the grievance of nature – floods, earthquakes, tsunami, tornado, volcanic eruption and the like – these earthly devastation we must not forget, must be feared of! Oh Dear Lord, please protect all of us from all these. Aside from that, some contagious diseases are also alarming, yes there are doctors to call who can cure them, but not all the time they can help a patient survive, if its time for that patient to leave, then doctors can do nothing but let him go and bid bye to his family. So sad, medicines are available and yet sometimes are not able to extend the life of some. Medicines that are available over-the-counter, how about the perhaps it’s faster than over-the-counter? Hmmm, consider the distance though! Ayt?

Whatever happens to the world now, it’s only because of us humans. We are responsible for the eventual destruction of it. L Let the change begin in ourselves, let us not take for granted what is happening around us, make your move, pray and act. Be responsible!

Till then,