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How to Get a Sound Sleep

Sleep….sleep…. I can have this all day and all night even without taking any food. I must say I am a sleep-person, I have no problem with that. In fact, just now, I am here in my room and about to take my sleep but decided to blog first before doing so. I will be reporting on night shift again because of this new task given to me, the consolidated report on accrued liabilities.

I love my bed, I really do, especially if I am surrounded by soft and cuddly pillows, oh I’d love that! I only have those head pillows, and wanting to have some body pillows that of my size, should there be body pillow deals available, I will hastily get one or two, for sure, I will always be late coming for work haha.

Residence Inn by Marriot
Residence Inn by Marriot – Sandy Utah

How to get a sound sleep? Hmmm, you should first daydream and think, visualize your ambition or your crush or the person you admire, and after few minutes, you may not know it, you are already on your sleep. If it does not work, go grab your book and read, or, switch on your television and set the timer so when you fall asleep, it will automatically shut down. Not effective? Try now some sleeping pills hehehe….

This advice may or may not be effective for you, and there are many things you could do for you to get a sound sleep, but for me, those that I mentioned work for me, sometimes, I do not need to do them because as I yawn, I know my bed is calling me.

The reason behind my sound sleep is because, I used to work at night with a week shifting, and on my reversed time, I spent all day sleeping and woke up only when I was about to go to work. No meals taken, I did not want to be disturbed by that. Nice right? I had my wee meal at night.

But there were also some time that I hardly sleep, what I do during those times is just thinking of so many things until I fall asleep..

And you, what would you suggest for a sound sleep?

Till then,