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White is Beautiful?

I remember when I was in high school, I often hear my schoolmates said every time they bumped into a girl with white complexion, “Maganda lang yan kasi maputi, pero pag hindi yan maputi, di yan maganda.” Relate right? I know you have the same experience as mine, there was also a time that I uttered the same, my bad..

Many among us Filipinos are born with brown or fair complexion, and I am 100% sure that many of those who have this color dream of having a white skin. Take for example one of my nieces, she has a fair color, and dreams of having a white one, so she works hard to be able for her to have this white skin. Myself too, since I gave my niece an example, why not reveal myself. I have a fair complexion, since I was in college, I started buying whitening soap, CY Gabriel, Skinwhite, Block & White, Dove, Ysa, Belo, Glutamax, and now Likas Papaya. Not all of them have effective results, CY Gabriel yes, it smoothened my face and body but eventually, my body got used to it that it brought no effect anymore. Other soaps (lotions) I’ve mentioned, I think no effect too except for Likas Papaya, it works for me effectively, I am using it until now. You try!

I sometimes envy those people who have smooth and white skin, really true. But then, I blamed myself for feeling that way. I should be thankful instead that gave me this physique, I am healthy and feel confident the way I look. Not to feel bad for having a fair complexion.

Contrary to wanting a white skin, let us not take for granted that there are many white people who want to have a brown or tanned skin. Trying to have this, they expose themselves to the heat of the sun, in the beach by sun bathing (which according to some may cause cancer if overexposed), or just every where and some uses tanning spray for immediate result. And feeling more confident for having tanned skin than white.

That’s us right? We’re not satiated with what we have.

Till then,