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A Tribute Post for CK Dolphy..

More or less two weeks that the King of Comedy joined our Creator. He left us his memories with joy and laughter. He regaled us for many decades, he made our days full of smiles, rooms were filled with loud sounds of laughter. Who can forget Dolphy who had numerous and different characters in many movies. I myself is a rabid fan of him. My problems abruptly vanish when I saw him in the screen.

He was given a chance to live longer than expected because he was a good man and had been good to all people around him. We felt happy when we learned that he was recuperating, then suddenly, I saw a post in facebook saying he passed away. We were saddened by this, all we knew was he’s already okay and fighting.

I just opine, perhaps when the family of the late Comedy King knew that he was already struggling, they made sure everything is settled and they did some funeral planning. It’s hard for loved ones to organize it when the person is still living, but when you see that the hope is as thin as a piattos chip or thinner than that, why wouldn’t you do it in advance? Why cram in the middle of mourning? You want the best right?

For you CK, we know you are with Him already, no regrets for your life, you’ve been good all your life. We salute you! You are a LEGEND!

Till then,