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From Stranger to Lover to Forever

I take you to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.

Let me begin my story that way 🙂

Love is a deep feeling of attachment to opposite sex, that’s how I described it many years ago. It is indeed a deep feeling, a feeling which is mutual for a couple. I thought it’s that simple, but I was wrong, not because I often experienced it but only because I witnessed it from people around me. Love is not just a simple four letter word; yes it’s short, but very meaningful, if you have it, then hold on it tightly so it won’t slip.

Love was aloof from me, you may not believe me but I had it when I was 29. I was in deep solitude prior to that, I was always asking why nobody was meant for me, nobody courted me, nobody expressed their admiration for me. To enjoy myself being single and to turn away from these questions, I enjoyed my status as being “SINGLE” making myself busy at work and studies and spending quality time with my family.

Forget the loneliness and singleness! Through constant prayers and faith, I finally bumped (online) into a guy that will make me fall in love and experience how is it. Here’s my share:

I thank our generation nowadays for having modern, easy and quick ways of reaching people. Thankful too that Mark Zuckerberg developed a social networking site that paved the way for me to meet my better half. Yes, it’s true, it all started with facebook. On May 30, 2010 while at home and busy reading my friends’ updates, a friend request notified me, checked it out and found out that I didn’t know him. Good thing we have one friend in common, before I confirmed him, I contacted my friend first and asked who this guy was…And that was the start of an unbelievable love story.

Long Distance Relationship

He works in Dubai, I work in Manila. I live in Quezon, he lives in Pampanga, no distance prevented us from expressing our love for each other, after 10 days, he got my YES! The short online courtship of a long distance lover, from Dubai to Manila, from Quezon to Pampanga went smoothly until the bell rang for us to tie a knot.

I have never met him in person yet, but he got my two YES’s albeit we just had an online talking. Why did I do that? How come I was able to trust a man whom I have never seen personally, and in fact, I also should have been careful because he is my first boyfriend? I believe the answer here is I really love this man, the man of my life, the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. The key to trusting him that much is my faith that this man is the one reserved for me by God, God gave me him. I waited and prayed that long and I am sure that he really is the one.

Doubt was there, doubts of my family, “baka may asawa na yan” (maybe he has a wife already). But my heart said, he is single. I felt his sincerity then. I cannot blame my family for thinking that way, we were on our long distance relationship and I did not know his background and family or anything about him yet. Love really is a gamble right?

But He was really good to us, He never let me think anything negative about him. A message on my facebook inbox came in and confirmed me that the man I just met for not more than 2 weeks is single. Let the picture below narrates:

facebook message

We continued our long distance relationship, it went smoothly. I did not ask for anything material or something special from him, I was satisfied that I have a man whom I can call a boyfriend, no dates, no chocolates, no flowers all was absent between us. But as I’ve said, I am okay with that.

Days and months waned, until he came home from Dubai on 11th of May 2011, went home with me in Quezon on 14th of May to ask my hands from my parents, and on 11th of June 2011, we exchanged our vows as husband and wife, eerie that exactly on our first anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend, we tied a knot.

David-Lieva Wedding

How did we manage to get wed that quickly? Everything that we need for our wedding was already planned, organized and settled before he came home. I also met his family in Pampanga, his family visited and met me in Mall of Asia (where my office is located) on December 29th 2010 and on February 15th 2011, I visited his home and met his parents in Pampanga, I was with my friend. These things made my conviction to be firmed; I wasn’t so dubious to marry my bhe – Jay Bondoc David.

when they visited me in MOA


I know some of you may not believe in a long distance relationship, especially in my case. It’s case to case, it depends I know. Some will last, some will not. But look at us, we now have our cute little angel, a precious gift from Him, He blessed us with an amazing creature a month after he left for Dubai. Furthermore, we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on June 11, but we are very sure that there are more and more years to celebrate pangmatagalan to!

Jhaydii L. David

What keeps our long distance relationship going? What’s our secret behind? Scroll down and read my list;

  1. No 1 on my list is trust. Trust keeps our long distance relationship as if we are near. I trust him and I believe in everything he says likewise me to him.
  2. We are open to each other similar to being honest with one another.. We never keep secrets. We always share what’s up between the two of us. We are always informed of what we both do, where we are and who our companies are. That makes us closer though we’re light years away.
  3. Communication. This is one of the important keys and secrets to a long distance relationship. We talk every minute through bbm, keeping us informed of what we are up to. And at night, we communicate on-line through skype’s video call and I never mind staying up until 2am just to talk and be with him online.  Kahit pa maubusan ng pag uusapan. But for a couple, there’s no such word as mauubusan ng pag-uusapan.
  4. We never forget to exchange I Love You and Mingat Ka Ken and Miss You So So Much
  5. Of course, we never let our misunderstanding remains unsolved. Yes, like an ordinary husband and wife who are living together, we also have misunderstandings, tampuhan and the like, but we are doing our best to solve them in every effort we can.
  6. On my part, I send him greeting cards on special occasion through snail mail. (Yun nga lang, sometimes he receives the card late, the occasion has passed already and the card is still on its way)
  7. And when he is home, I make the most out of it, spending quality time with each other. Ooopps, the opposite, when he was here last year, he took care of me a lot, prepared my breakfast and baon at work, very sweet of him.
  8. And above all of these, we put God to be the center of our marriage.

That’s our secret for our long distance relationship. As time goes by, our love stays long and long, that it will last forever.

I am happy despite the distance, but of course, like most of the stories, there are sad parts, a sad one that I consider to be our greatest sacrifice.  When I learned that I was pregnant, he was not with me to personally inform him that I was expecting. I was alone visiting my OB-Gyne for my pre-natal check-up.  He did not see our baby moving, kicking and yawning during my ultrasounds. And most of all, he wasn’t there when I delivered our angel. He wasn’t able to kiss and hug our new born, and until now, he never had a chance to kiss and hug our angel.

mother and child precious moment

And another BUT! Albeit he’s far and working away from us, although he wasn’t with me personally during those times, I never felt his absence though. He was very excited to announce the world that he was soon to be a father, that he was thankful for God’s precious gift. He never failed to remind me of everything; my vitamins, milk, check-up and all that and berated me if I did something wrong (not all the time though). I always shared him what was happening to me then. And on the day of my delivery, he constantly asked my condition and our baby. Up until now, he knows everything that is happening to me and keeps updated with our baby 🙂 The epitome, he is just here beside us. But I know how hard it is for him to be far away from us, but he sacrifices a lot….

It works folks! I call it LDR – long distance relationship. You just have to believe that you can do it, trust each other and express your love all the time. Yes it’s a sacrifice, but you need to have faith, if you love each other, then, no distance can separate both of you. If you believe in your love for each other, then, I assure you, it will be the pangmatagalan relationship ever!

And to my husband, just like a song that you dedicated to me, I will always be RIGHT THERE! forever.

And to prove that indeed a long lasting relationship can last longer, watch this video entitled “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan”, and share to spread that LDR is possible.


Very moving right? Please do share and spread this touching story to everyone.

Till then,