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I’m a Mama on the Jog

Here I am again, sleepless. I only had one and half hour of sleep. Not because I had a cluttered mind last night, it’s solely because of my boosted energy. My blood was very active due to the physical and not so strenuous activity I had at 6:30 pm. I together with my two officemates jogged at the back of E-com buildings. I had 3 rounds. Enough to make me sweat and felt tired and shortness of breath hehe.

That is why it is more advisable to have the exercise in the morning so that you will be feeling very energetic and alert the entire day. Unlike when you do it in the afternoon when day and night breaks, because your blood circulates faster than you have it prior to exercising, you will be having difficulty sleeping at night. That’s what I experienced, after a healthy conversation with my husband at 12:30mn, I lied on my bed, prayed, closed my eyes, but wasn’t able to sleep. Turned side by side but to no avail. I felt like I was on a gamble that needs to stay up and have some military challenge coin to tweak. I was awake until 4:45 am. And now, I am feeling so drowsy, pillows, I miss you…… I gave up myself sleeping, I thought I will not have it last night, but I was very thankful that I fell on my nap unknowingly.

But I won’t stop jogging late in the afternoon. It was my first time though, caused my body to adjust. I will keep on jogging so I will stay fit – not sexy 🙂 To all mamas and mommies, try my new exercise, it’ll help you get back in shape so quickly… 

So need to be ready by next week for our next jog!

Till then,