Daily Living

Hello Sunshine!

The past week had been a very wet week. It’s been raining hard for many days in the entire country. Initially an lpa or low pressure area was the cause of the rain, eventually turned into a typhoon Freddie. The weekend was not that so lovely and sunny to enjoy, all I think was soaked in water due to heavy rains and flooding. When I came home, I was also fetched to wear boots, might as well try Lowa boots. Yes, I wear that boots every time I go home and raining because it’s muddy in our place.

On our baby’s 4th month, we also had to go through the rain visiting her pediatrician for her HIB 2 shot. On her 4th month, she felt pain, sorry baby 🙁  and rain. Thankfully, she is that healthy to endure the syringe and not affected by the bad weather.

And now, welcoming sunshine! Thank you so much Lord for watering our farms, and thank you too for giving us sunshine. We can again enjoy our weekdays, hoping that weekends will be dry again.

Rain is a blessing, so enjoy while we have it 🙂

Till then,