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Finding the Right Fit for an Infant

When I become officially a mama, everything has changed. Number one is my taste and wants for my personal things like clothes and shoes. When JD isn’t her yet, I was urged and wanted to visit stall and every stall in one of the nearest shopping malls, and that has changed when I have our Jhaydii now. My eyes sparkle every time I see cutie stuff for infants, I always check what’s inside that’s infant’s store and see if I can buy some for our baby. I feel delighted when I am able to bring her clothes, shoes, pins and etc. And I forgot myself, I set aside the things I wanted as before, I never visited stalls for a woman like me, all I wanted is for my baby. I am not alone with this, I think almost all mothers do the same way as I am.

Yet sometimes, I find it hard to find her right fit especially for shoes. I already bought her 3 and they do not fit her yet. He’s four months old, and I don’t want to buy her a size that she won’t don for long, that’s why instead of buying S size, I always choose M so she can wear it when she turns months older, but it can’t fit her yet haha.

Babies grow fast, I can’t wait for her to grow bigger and bigger, walk and talk.But I also miss her being a tiny baby, when she was a newborn and on her early months. I love her being so crying and sleeping all the time. But of course, we can stop them for getting older. Our baby will soon be a big girl! I wonder how active and enthusiast she will be đŸ™‚ What she will become someday? We want all the best for our baby!

When she grows bigger, I will never find hard something that really fits for her, I can surely give her shoes that fit her, like some dc shoes and the like. I am a bit excited wohoo!

We love you so much baby! Keep being healthy and sweet!

Till then,