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Protect Your Life, Use Helmet

Because of the numerous motorcycle accidents here in the Philippines, wearing a head protection or helmet while driving is now mandatory. It is mandated and now in full effect under the Republic Act (RA) 10054 or The Helmet Law which was issued on December 26, 2011.

Not only the one driving is required but also those who are riding with him, failure to do so will be sanctioned when caught. Any violators or those caught not wearing the protective helmet shall be funished with a fine pf P1,500, P3,000, P5,000 and P10,000 for first, second, third and fourth offense respectively. The latter fine, aside from cash, the driver’s license will also be confiscated.

There is a standard protective motorcycle helmets required, those bearing the PS or ICC mark, you might want to check and buy Shoei VFX-W, I think it’s of good quality, you’ll be safe wearing it.

I myself do not favor the use of motorcycle, I am very aware and my eyes are open to many accidents happening to motorcycle drivers, accidents that are very bloody and heinous . I know a lot of persons who shed their lives because of it, a couple who was hit by a truck, the wife died right away and the husband had it in the hospital but did not make it, my batchmate who was hit by the bus during the dawn when he and the driver were about to buy a lugaw; the driver was comatose and died after a year, but my batchmate died right away. My friend’s sister was also hit by the bus….. Very dreadful, the reason why I personally do not want it. It’s convenient though, but the convenience is twinned by worry and accident. So better be safe than sorry.

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