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I am Hired!

Are you tired of the routinely tasks you are performing? Do you want to escape the month-end close and enjoy the normal days as if no closing is to come? Looking for a very very challenging job? Do you want to utilize your brain to the fullest, rack it to the best way it can reach and use all the expertise you have? Are you aiming to work in Australia and soon bring home the family with you? I found a perfect solution for that!

Financial Planning? Decision Making? PPC Management like wpromote? What’s your choice?

I honestly had my interview last Monday, July 31, it was in iPraxis Financial Inc. – an Australian Company based in PBCom Building Ayala Makati. I decided to blog about this because I know this will help those jobseekers who are applying there and I might give some information. This is based all on my experience – interview experience, oh actually, more of a learning experience. Furthermore, I was searching about iPraxis and Stepping Stone so I can have something to answer when they ask me on what I know about their company, I tried searching blogs about it and was nil, so here is my post about it.

I honestly do not have plans of changing company yet, but a former colleague of mine informed me about the Financial Planner opening in Stepping Stone Financial Institution in jobsdb, so after my work, I hastily opened my netbook logged in jobsdb and searched on SSFI, viola! Found it! And it all started there. They replied back and asked me the convenient schedule that I can be interviewed, so I had it on July 31st.

When I reached PBCom building, I looked at the directory and checked on iPraxis or Stepping Stone Financial Institution (although they informed me what level they are) I couldn’t find the names so I decided to proceed to the elevator and pressed on level 40. When I was there, I did not know as to what entrance I will go, there were 2, I saw “The Nomads” reception and the other one has no name, I entered the first one, then informed the receptionist of my appointment at iPraxis. She dialed in and contacted the iPraxis, informed them of my arrival. I was there at 2:15 and my interview was at 3pm. No regrets for arriving 45 minutes early because heavy rain poured when I was already inside the building.

At 3pm, came my turn. I was approached by two Australian men and we entered in a conference room. The process started. It was like they are conducting a training or overview about how iPraxis does business here in the Philippines and in Australia and lasted for an hour. The position actually as according to them is a Para Planner, if you will be hired, you will be called Jr. Para Planner and eventually a Sr. Para Planner. What you’ll be doing or your job function will be, you will give financial advices to clients, it’s more of a decision making job, you won’t have to deal with month-end closing and the like, but seems like you will be very busy ever month. As explained, iPraxis gives advices about Accounting, Taxation, Investments, Financials and etc, so this means there will be a lot of computation in the work you will do. You will work independently and of course all the decision will be coming from you (this will come from the learning you will gain in the Financial Planning course), you will have to carefully review, decide and make statement about it – a statement stipulated in a legal document called Statement of Advice. But before you can do that, you are required to have the RD 146 or the Diploma of Financial Planning. It is also an international accreditation. Stepping Stone Financial Institution (SSFI) is the institution that will give you the course, you will take it as a self-study in no less than 6 months. There will be some assignments and online examinations, you need to pass it to get the diploma. It is sponsored by iPraxis, but you also need to pay for it in advance. You don’t need to resign to your job as yet, if you are done with the course, you may do so.

Based on what they showed and told me, it was a very challenging and daunting job. I am open to a more challenging job, but, I am not open to paying the course yet. If you submitted them your resume and are invited for an interview, go on, you will understand how it is to earn a basic pay of P40,000 as a start salary and eventually earn as much as P120,000 in a month. Their basic salary is that meager but their bonus takes higher than the basic if you do well in financial planning – all your toils and utilized brain pay off when you see your payslip having that 6 digits. It’s very well compensation compared to others. You will also have a big chance of going to Australia and stay for good. iPraxis will even help you find another job if you find that it’s time to change company.

After they discussed the process, they asked me few questions and at the end of the conversations, told me that I’m hired. They will be sending me some papers to help me decide whether or not to accept the job offer.

It’s a good company! I like it there, but not now 🙂

Till then,