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The Power of Prayer

Today marks another unforgettable happening in the country, no typhoon but we are experiencing floods almost the area of Metro Manila. I feel rueful to all of the affected citizens, actually we are all affected, it’s almost 3 weeks that we are soaked in rain, I don’t have the right to complain, I am fortunate that I am not experiencing what others experience, I am lucky that my family are safe… That is the power of PRAYER, just pray and you will be heard.

I am still awake, passed the sleepy hour – I just had my night shift sched last night, straight duty so as not to report again on a night shift tonight. While I was in the office this morning, at about 10am, Malacanang has declared no work in all public and private offices in MM, what we’re gonna do, we’re already in the office and no plans of going back home. Thankfully, we’re all safe.

As I was watching the news (in more than half day) I saw high floods and heavy downpour almost of MM, volunteers are doing their best to save stranded people, on top of the roofs – Marikina, Sta. Lucia Fairview QC, Pampanga, Rizal – to name a few. Rubber boats are in demand, I don’t think big vehicles can make it, even the Limo hire Knutsford, the flood is almost as high or higher than human, too bad – there were hard headed citizens who were warned beforehand but did not listen, still fortunate because we have great Filipinos who volunteered to save lives. I almost cried when I watched a volunteered man crossing a flood using a rope and inflatable – as if a zip line, with a girl on his top (4-6 years old) trying his best, endured the distance just to save the kid, it was tough! but he did it!

In times like this, we need to pray for our and everyone’s safety, nothing is impossible with it! Just be sincere and faithful…Don’t give up! Let us pray for everyone! God bless us!

Till then,