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First Thing First… One Step At A Time…

Is it really a characteristic of a woman or it’s just me? Do we woman tend to change our mind so many times in a day, changing the decisions we make and changing the plans we have in mind? Fickle-minded that is! Always in a state of changing minds, decision, wants and everything! I am one having a fickle mind.

I recently was having trouble in deciding what I really want in my life – specifically with my career. I wanted to do something but wanted to do some other things – it is as if I want to do all the things I want simultaneously, working abroad, teaching, taking care of our daughter, building our dreams and etc. First things first, I was in a trouble really, I wanted to take the ladder so fast, mindless of the people around me. It was hard you know, especially when you notice that someone is getting ahead of you. You want a race, but you are always the least – my pride don’t get over me please.

Thankfully I have my better half who is always there to help me clear my mind, it’s like having my own clear business cards printed the way I want it to be. He helped me fix my goals, what needs to be done first, well, prioritizing is the key. And of course my priority is our baby, my family. And I can do some other things while taking in consideration that priority. No need to rush, no need to be in a hurry in getting other things achieved. It takes time.  

Till then,