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Thank You for Your Blog!

This has made my night! An email from a reader made me decide to write this post. I felt grateful that in my own little way, I was able to help her.

I am actually planning to sleep now, but since I am blogging on BloMa… I Am “D” Mama (search on mammapoko.blogspot.c0m), I decided to open my gmail, I hadn’t opened it for a week or so. One email with subject “Inquiry”, it is from a man whom had an interview from iPraxis of SSFI, he asked some sort of things from me to help him decide whether to pursue his application there or not. That was it. I felt grateful for that.

Next was with subject “Thank You for Your Blog”. Here is the copied email from here….

thank you email

So for those who are looking for jobs, especially for the newly grads, when you are called for an interview, try to ask important questions about the company. They should disclose anything about them, otherwise, the caller is 100% pyramid, MGM, scam and the like, so better be inquisitive. Don’t be victimized! Research and ask šŸ™‚

And by the way, wear your most professional/corporate attire during the interview, otherwise expect to be not shorlisted. Don’t appear like wearing equestrian apparel, look at your best.

Till then,