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Merry Go Round

It’s early September and the ber month has just started. We know what’s next, when BER month falls, a merry months follow, I mean the Christmas! Yes, it’s getting closer and fast approaching. So prepare for the coming, prepare your pockets and your mind haha. This season, expect more cash out, more expenditures, it’s the time of giving!

Last Saturday, I went on a shopping mall for some groceries, and it was my first time this year to hear a Christmas song, I was near the cigar bar (I mean a stall for e-cigarette) so Christmas season now really is. I don’t know what this season brings but I always feel delighted every time I hear Christmas song, though I know it’s a time where we spend a lot of money.

I enjoyed it when I was a kid, visiting relatives homes getting their hands on my foreheadand giving me money, had no worries then about giving out as I was receiving then 🙂 The time has turned now, it’s my turn to give back the fortune I had before, to those kids who will visit my home. Wee, and I now have a baby too!

Our baby’s first Christmas this year, and she’s 10 month old by then. Merry Christmas and we lve you baby jd! Mwahhhh!

Till then,