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Let Us Support Catherine Loria the WCOPA Grand Champion in ASOP

Another battle has to be competed with again, another opportunity to showcase her talent once more.  She had let the world hear her great voice when she competed for WCOPA last 2008 (I think) with various singers from different countries, and with her great talent, she rose above them all, she captured the hearts of the judges and won over the competition, hailed as the 2008 WCOPA Grand Champion.

Many may not know her yet, I am referring to none other than Catherine (Katherine, Kat-Kat) Loria of Lusacan Tiaong, Quezon. Google her and you’ll find many, try to listen to some of her songs and be regaled. She had guested to many of the television shows.

And now, her time again to shine as she was chosen to interpret the song “Puso Kong Nabuksan”  (My Enlightened Heart) of composer  Domingo Rosco. ASOP A Song of Praise Music Festival the only Gospel songwriting festival here in the country, please vote for Catherine Loria and help her win the People’s Choice Award 2012, listen to her interpretation and you can vote once per day until September 23, 2012. Bear with me I can’t hyperlink , just type in the browser this – asoptv.com/finalist/domingo-rosco/  or hover over the picture and lick on it, and listen to her voice. You will be amazed of Catherine, might wonder if she has attended some lessons in mel bay guitar center.

I am supporting this lass in all her endeavors, she was the one who made our wedding a good one by singing our songs. Added points in our simple wedding, making it more special. And in this way of promoting and helping her, I hope I am helping you back my dear. God bless you always.

Good luck and till then,